We put quality, vintage and used drum gear into the hands of drummers like you… so you can make more music.

We Feel Ya

Tired of dealing with bad photos, poor communication, and ever-changing scams on local marketplaces?

Tired of having that piece of gear you’ve been searching or saving for show up poorly packed and damaged?

Tired of talking to salespeople who don’t really know drums?

Most of us buy a drum to play it, not repair it. (unless you DO need your drum repaired: enter AP Drum Co.). Drums should be used for their intended purpose: to make music.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

You drum? Us too!

At AP Drum Co we are drummers ourselves. We know drums, and we check out every piece of gear we sell. We make sure your gear is as clean and functional as possible so it can be used for its intended purpose: to help you make more music.
We take quality pictures and write detailed descriptions so you know what you’re getting. No surprises. Lastly, all orders are carefully packed and insured so your purchase arrives safely.

By drummers for drummers.

Detailed descriptions

Quality Pictures

Carefully packaged & shipped

Tuned and ready to play out-of-the-box (except for nested shell packs)

No surprises

We have shipped over 1,000 orders and have 100% positive feedback on Reverb and eBay. AP Drum Co can help you get a great piece of gear shipped to your door at a great price.

AP Drum Co. - Vintage snare drum in the snow in Texas

The AP Drum Co. Difference

If you’ve ever bought used drum gear online, chances are you’ve received something that wasn’t as advertised, wasn’t packed properly, or just wasn’t shipped at all and the seller stole your money.

Dealing with people on local online selling platforms can be a headache and there are always elements of risk: low quality photos, poor communication, dishonest sellers, hassle factor of traveling (news flash: gas is expensive).

Chain stores don’t always have knowledgeable (or helpful) staff to answer questions. And when buying online from pretty much anywhere there’s always the lingering question: will my purchase arrive safely?

At AP Drum Co. we do things differently.

Marketplace seller done you wrong? Want to hit something?

Buy a drum from AP Drum Co.

AP Drum Co. - Vintage snare drum on a Persian rug in front of the drum shop.