AP Drum Co. - Andrew Parrish and crew representing Texas drummers in front of the drum shop with a sweet line up of vintage drums.

What started as an idea became a reality after a job furlough during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. In the 4th largest city in the United States, there were no other shops dedicated to providing professional drum services and quality used and vintage drum gear. During a time when a lot of music was stifled, AP Drum Co. was founded to help other drummers make more music. From an idea to a garage, to an actual shop, AP Drum Co. now serves drummers all over the country.

What Services?

We offer restorations, repairs, bearing edge work, shell re-sizing, re-wraps, tuning, cleaning/detailing, consignment, and more.

Why Used Gear?

Because reducing waste is important to us and high-end or entry-level, every drum that comes through our shop has a story. That story is tied to another human. Time is our most precious commodity and at some point someone spent time making the drums that we work on. We love the process of taking something old and weathered and breathing new life into it so it can be used for its originally intended purpose: to make music.