Protection Racket 13×6.5″ Padded Snare Drum Bag (169-27)


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Protection Racket padded snare drum bag. It was originally a 14×6.5″ (says so on the tag). However, listing it as a 13×6.5″ because it has shrunk from being washed. It will technically hold a 14″ but it’s snug. One zipper is missing a pull tab. The handle is in good shape. Firm bag construction with durable exterior, thick concealed padding, and a plush synthetic lambs wool interior. Durable roping protects the bags’ corner perimeters.

Due to the nature of used and vintage drum gear, all listings are sold “as-is.” We try our best to take detailed pictures and write accurate descriptions. Our goal is to capture the overall condition of each item. Minor details may be missed, but we are happy to take additional pictures upon request.

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Protection Racket


13×6.5" Snare Drum Bag


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