Vintage 1970s Ludwig Vistalite Clear 9×13 Rack Tom Drum (193-1)


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Late 1970s Ludwig Vistalite clear 9×13 rack tom. Serial number 1940676. It’s complete and all original except for the heads. The hoops match. All tension rods match and have washers. No major cracks in the shell, but there are maybe 2 or 3 small spider cracks around some lug screw holes that we spotted while disassembling the drum. They are covered by the lugs. A previous owner had installed a Tama tom bracket in place of the original. The top mounting hole was enlarged (see picture). We installed a period-correct Ludwig bracket on the tom. It just received a survivor’s restoration. Everything was completely disassembled. All parts were soaked in an ultrasonic cleaner and polished by hand. The shell was buffed inside and out. It’s very clean and has no rust, but there is pitting scattered around the chrome hardware. The shell has some scattered scratches as well. The batter head is a brand new Code clear Generator (2-ply). Internal muffler works as it should.

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Vistalite 9×13 Rack Tom Drum


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