In addition to selling awesome used and vintage drums, AP Drum Co. offers top notch professional drum services to keep your drums looking and sounding amazing.

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AP Drum Co. Offers These Services


  • Replace missing/incorrect parts
  • Re-tap stripped threads
  • Refinish bass drum hoops
  • Glue and clamp cracked shells and hoops
  • Correct dented and/or out-of-round metal shells
  • Clean parts in an ultrasonic cleaner
  • Hand polish chrome hardware
  • Glue and clamp ply separation
  • Wet sand, compound, and polish wraps or acrylic shells
  • Re-glue lifted wrap seams
  • Plug holes


  • Disassemble each drum, remove old wrap, remove glue residue, re-install new wrap using 3M contact cement (no tape here), and reassemble.
  • Install self-adhesive vinyl wraps over existing finishes
AP Drum Co. - drum services - Bearing Edges

Bearing edges

  • Level/”true” bearing edges
  • Cut bearing edges to any desired profile
  • Hand sand up to 800 grit and finish with optional tung oil
AP Drum Co. - drum services - Shell Re-sizing

Shell Re-sizing

  • Cut shells down to shallower depths
  • Drill new holes for relocated hardware
AP Drum Co. - drum services - Drum Tuning


  • Professionally tune individual drums or full kits
  • Church or studio kit need some love? We offer mobile cleaning/tuning services.


If you’ve got a nice set of drums that you’re looking to sell but don’t want to go through the hassle of taking pictures, answering a million questions, sifting through scams, or spending time figuring out shipping, we can help through consignment.

Or we may just make you an offer ourselves.

AP Drum Co. - sweet stack of translucent blue vintage drums ready to make music